​ Dawn Celeste McGregor​
                          ~Intuitive Coach and Writer


Understanding your place in the universe and how to function within it is critical. Using compassion and openness to rock your world, Dawn digs into your very essence. You will be enveloped in feelings of being understood and seen as not only what you show the world, but who you are deep inside. Focusing her attention fully on your individual needs.

Through the unravelling of your fears, hopes, dreams and expressions of self, Dawn will bring insightful, loving and nurturing support to your process.

Dawn Celeste utilizes her extensive background as a professional intuitive to guide you into discovering your deepest desires and blockages from them. Having coached and counseled people from all walks of life, she naturally understands your patterns and belief structures.

What methods Dawn Celeste will use is completely tailored to the individual. She may use guided meditation or light hypnosis to assist you in going deeper into who you truly are. She may use touch work, philosophical aurgument, or energetic work. Her knowledge and practice of modalities is expansive. Intuitively knowing what directions to dive into give Dawn individual direction with each client.