​ Dawn Celeste McGregor​
                   ~Intuitive Life Coach and Writer

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Dawn Celeste McGregor is a Mystic, an LGBT activist and relationship expert. Her writing has been published in The Advocate, Seattle Gay News and The Seattle Lesbian as an advocate for transgender and gender non-conforming rights. She currently has a monthly column in The Seattle Lesbian called Queer relationships.

As a professional intuitive coach, for over 20 years, Dawn brings an extraordinary level of insight into the human condition and connection. She has helped many people access what has restricted them, facilitating break-throughs into creating the life they desire. Her degree in Philosophy has cultivated an analytical and strategic mind that recognizes patterns and interconnectivity. Dawn has also worked as a counselor for at-risk youth, seniors and people with developmental disabilities.  

Dawn is a mystical philosopher who values authenticity and self-actualization. She is a compassionate and empathic person who believes in inclusion, dignity and respect for all people. She is queer and sex-positive, believing that consent, choice and honesty are the keystones of expressing healthy sexuality without shame or guilt. 

Dawn Celeste has a natural ability to see the truth about a person. She recognizes them fully as all that they are and all that they can be; diving into their darkest parts as well as accessing their highest potential. She intuits what questions to ask and which conversations to have in order to uncover what people need to actualize themselves. It is her purpose in life to help people to expand, to open, and ultimately to create a more authentic and connected reality. 

Dawn Celeste is intimate with the Universe and continually dances between it and her humanity.

"Not only is Dawn Celeste an amazing woman with a huge heart, she is one of the most intuitive and perceptive women I know. Dawn's kindness and love permeates her whole being-and that is just a small part of what she brings to the table. I am proud to call her a friend and a peer, and recommend her to anyone looking for answers in all areas of life. Also, Dawn has a unique perspective on relationships and sexuality, bringing a holistic approach that is seldom seen elsewhere. Her approach is not just about the body but also the soul, heart and spirit." Allena Gabosch ~Relationship Coach, Author, Teacher and Founder of the Center for Sex Positive Culture