​ Dawn Celeste McGregor​
                   ~Intuitive Life Coach and Writer

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Dawn Celeste is a Mystic who has dedicated her life to expanding and opening to the Universal Force. With this knowledge, she helps everyone she works with connect to their true selves, creating internal freedom and inspiring growth.  Her Intuitive Life Coaching and Readings can be used for personal, professional, spiritual, emotional insight and decision consulting. 

​​​​​​ What To Expect

Dawn Celeste's unique and personal methods incite deep levels of awareness, connection and expansion of the self.
She will challenge you; she will see through you and she will hold you in all that you are. Embracing the raw and authentic as pathways to truth and acceptance.

Dawn Celeste will use her lifelong work and deep psychic skills to help guide you into the best possible outcome. 

She sees you as an individual matrix, a beautiful combination of your soul, experiences and beliefs. Dawn Celeste celebrates diversity and honors your unique way of being. Her extraordinarily inclusive, non-judgmental and open demeanor will put you at ease as you take this journey. 
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